Family Adjustment, Family Income, Contributory Group Life Insurance (Grandfathered)

Summary plan descriptions for the Family Adjustment, Family Income and Contributory Group Life Insurance (Grandfathered) Plans as of January 2016

About the plans

This Summary Plan Description (SPD) is a summary of benefits for the Family Adjustment, Family Income and Contributory Life Insurance plans. These plans were discontinued as to new participants as of January 1, 2000.  Only retirees of Exxon Corporation and employees who met certain age and service requirements as of that date were permitted to remain in these plans. Employees hired after that date, are only eligible to participate in the ExxonMobil Life Insurance Plan.

This SPD does not contain all plan details. In determining your specific benefits, the full provisions of formal plan documents and any the insurance certificates, as they exist now or as they may exist in the future, always govern. You may obtain copies of these documents by making a written request to the Administrator- Benefits. Applicability to represented employees is governed by collective bargaining agreements and any local bargaining requirements.

Information sources

When you need information, you may contact:

Benefits Administration - Customer Service Representatives can provide specialized assistance. References to Benefits Administration throughout this SPD pertain to either ExxonMobil Benefits Administration or ExxonMobil Benefits Service Center as listed below. Depending on your status (employee, retiree, or survivor), you should contact the appropriate service center.

Phone numbers:
Employees call:
ExxonMobil Benefits Administration
Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 
(U.S. Central Time), except certain holidays 
800-262-2363 (toll free outside Houston)

ExxonMobil Benefits Administration
P.O. Box 64111
Spring, TX 77387-4111

Phone numbers:
Retirees and Survivors call:
ExxonMobil Benefits Service Center
Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
(U.S. Eastern Time), except certain holidays
Toll-Free: 1-800-682-2847
or 800-TDD-TDD4 (833-8334) for hearing impaired

ExxonMobil Benefits Service Center
P.O. Box 18025
Norfolk, VA 23501-1867

CGLIC — Connecticut General Life Insurance Company issues the insurance policy for company-paid insurance and provides the conversion policy if your company-paid life insurance coverage ends.

ExxonMobil sponsored sites — Access to plan-related information for employees, retirees and their family members.

  • ExxonMobil Me, the Human Resources Intranet Site — Can be accessed at work by employees.
  • ExxonMobil Family, the Human Resources Internet Site — Can be accessed from home by everyone at
  • Retiree Online Community Internet Site — Can be accessed from home by retirees and survivors only at
  • ExxonMobil Benefits Service Center at Xerox Internet Site — Can be accessed from home by everyone at


Prior to the merger of Exxon Corporation and Mobil Corporation, the Family Income Protection Program was one of the benefit plans sponsored by Exxon Corporation and it provided a wide range of benefits for survivors of employees and retirees.

Exxon Mobil Corporation continues to provide coverage under the following sections of the ExxonMobil Life Insurance Program: ExxonMobil Family Adjustment Plan, the ExxonMobil Family Income Plan and the ExxonMobil Contributory Group Life Insurance Plan to those eligible employees and retirees who had coverage before the merger.

These Plans provide benefits as follows:

  • Family Adjustment Plan: a cash benefit of up to one year of your final annualized monthly ExxonMobil benefit pay
  • Family Income Plan: a series of monthly benefits that can continue for an eligible survivor's life
  • Contributory Group Life Insurance Plan: a cash benefit equal to a multiple of your final annual ExxonMobil benefit pay

The company pays the contributions for the Family Adjustment Plan and the Family Income Plan, while you pay the contributions for the Contributory Group Life Insurance Plan.

A careful reading of this guide will help you understand how the Plans work so you can make the best use of them. You may obtain additional information from the sources shown in the Information sources section.


The following chart provides an overview of the coverage under the following plans:

  1. Family Adjustment Plan
  2. Family Income Plan
  3. Contributory Group Life Insurance Plan

Details are provided below.

When we refer to Family Adjustment and Family Income Coverage we refer to insurance and death benefits provided by these plans. You choose which form of coverage is best for you. Further details on insurance and death benefits can be found in the Insurance benefits versus death benefits section.