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The company offers various programs to our employees and retirees

Corporate gift programs

Beyond ExxonMobil's contributions, employees, retirees and their families contribute their own time and money to charitable organizations. In 2015, U. S. employees and retirees donated more than $20.9 million to colleges, universities, and charitable organizations through ExxonMobil's matching gift programs and ExxonMobil Foundation contributed more than $35.6 million by matching employees' and retirees' gifts. More than 9,900 ExxonMobil employees, retirees and their family members in the United States volunteered more than 435,000 hours of their personal time in 2015.

In recognition of these efforts, ExxonMobil contributed more than $6.9 million to more than 3,400 non-profit organizations where they volunteered. Learn how to get involved today by visiting the EasyMatch website.




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