Financial video library

Explore our video library from budgeting to diversification to see how ExxonMobil financial benefits help you plan for the future.

Why create a successful budget? 

Learn more about how to develop and manage a successful budget to help create financial freedom for the future. Video [3:10].


Are your investments sufficiently diversified?

Diversification means spreading your investment risk around so your investments are less vulnerable to fluctuations in the market. Find out what actions you might need to take to manage your investment risk. Video [4:00].


How to diversify – know where to begin

Determining which investments are right for you depends on your goals and risk tolerance. Learn more about how to create an investment strategy that is right for you. Video [4:06].


Pension plan highlights

Understand the plan’s significance and how the plan applies to you and your family’s financial wellness and security for the future. Video [6:04].


Calculating your pension benefit – know your numbers

Your pension benefit provides you a predictable source of income in retirement, so it is important to understand how your benefit is calculated. Video [5:12].


Savings toward financial fitness – it’s a lifestyle not a fad

Investing in the Savings Plan now can help you achieve financial security in the future. Learn about the important role the Savings Plan can play in preparing you for the future. Video [5:40].


What kind of investor are you?

It is never too late or too early to start investing. By establishing the goals you want to achieve and understanding your attitudes about investing you can establish an investment strategy that best suits your personal investment style. Video [4:35].


Are you maximizing your savings in the most tax-efficient way?

The savings plan allows you to put money aside for the future, when you retire, in a couple of ways that provide real tax advantages. Learn about the tax advantages offered by the Savings Plan. Video [6:49].


What are your financial goals?

Like any other goals you need to know where you are at and where you want to be financially for the future. Video [1:21].


ExxonMobil Life Insurance coverage – protection for you and your family

Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance helps you and your family when life provides your unexpected twists and turns. Learn about the different insurance coverage that is available to you. Video [3:53].


If you are still in your first weeks with the Company or you would like a benefits refresher, we invite you to view the ExxonMobil benefits overview video [7:14].