Summary plan description of the Employee Health Advisory Program (EHAP) as of January 2017 

About EHAP

This summary plan description (SPD) of the ExxonMobil Employee Health Advisory Program (EHAP) does not contain all the plan details. In determining the scope of the EHAP’s benefits, the full provisions of the EHAP plan document, as they exist now or as they may exist in the future, always govern. Copies of these documents are available for your review.

Applicability to represented employees is governed by collective bargaining agreements and any local bargaining requirements.

How to get the care you need

If you or an eligible family member needs help dealing with a mental health or substance abuse problem or other personal issues, follow these steps to get the care needed:

  • Step 1: Call Magellan Healthcare at 800-442-4123 and select the appropriate option to get the name of an EHAP counselor who can help you. A Magellan Master’s licensed clinician will ask you questions so that he or she can assess your situation. The Magellan clinician will provide you with the names and telephone numbers of EHAP counselors in your area who are part of the Magellan EHAP network. The Magellan clinician will complete a registration and provide you with a registration number (MAT#).
  • Step 2: Call the EHAP counselor you have selected to schedule an appointment. Mention that you are a member of the Plan. Provide the clinician with the MAT# given to you by the Magellan clinician.
  • Step 3: Go to your appointment. You don’t have to file claim form. (If you need inpatient care or longer term treatment, your EHAP counselor or Magellan clinician will assist you to get the needed care).

EHAP professional counselors are located away from your workplace location, and Magellan does not reveal to the company the names of or reasons for individuals seeking EHAP assistance.

You may also select an EHAP provider through the online self-referral process at To use the online self-referral process:

  • Enter the URL and sign in with your user name and password (or follow the instructions for creating a user name and password).  Follow the online directions.
  • Under "Benefits" select "EAP Self Referral". Follow the online directions.
  • For questions or assistance with the website click on Live Chat for immediate assistance.

At your request, Magellan will send you a hard copy of the directory information; contact Magellan at 800-442-4123. If there are no network EHAP counselors near your home, Magellan will locate a qualified provider for you.

Information sources

Care manager — Arranges for and provides counseling services.

Phone numbers:
Magellan Behavioral Health
314-387-4700 (if international, call collect)
24 hours a day, seven days a week

Magellan Behavioral Health
14100 Magellan Plaza Drive
Maryland Heights MO 63043

Check Magellan's Web site at for Life Assistance Resource information, such as community resources links, health and wellness tips, and behavioral health Internet sites. Once you have accessed this site:

  • Sign in under Member Sign In (new users click on New or unregistered user)
  • Enter toll free number: 800-442-4123 (user ID and password not necessary)
  • At this point, you may register or continue as unregistered

Benefits Administration – Provides plan-related information.

Phone numbers:
800-262-2363 (toll free outside Houston)
Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (U.S. Central Time), except certain holidays

Benefits Administration
P.O. Box 64111
Spring, TX 77387-4111

ExxonMobil sponsored sites – Provides employees and their family members access to plan-related information.

  • ExxonMobil Me, the Human Resources Intranet Site — Can be accessed at work by current employees.
  • ExxonMobil Family, the Human Resources Internet Site — Can be accessed from home by everyone at


EHAP Services

The ExxonMobil Employee Health Advisory Program (EHAP) offers professional counseling in a confidential environment for personal problems requiring limited intervention and referral services for more complicated problems. You may call the service at any time, for any reason. Reasons for seeking assistance are as varied as the individuals calling. Some of the types of problems for which you may seek help include:

  • Crisis in the family, such as balancing career and family responsibilities, stress, relocation issues, divorce or separation, problems with children at school, serious illness, family violence, child abuse, problems with the legal system, death, or being a victim of crime.
  • Ongoing problems, such as chemical dependency, anxiety, depression, family conflict, job dissatisfaction and single parent responsibilities.
  • Referral services to resources in your community that can help you find home health care, nursing homes, legal services, consumer credit and financial information are also available through Magellan's Life Assistance Resources.
  • Web-Based Confidential Care, self-paced clinically proven programs you can use at any time, day or night. Get the care you need in a convenient and confidential way. Our interactive programs deliver evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help you learn and practice skills that have been shown to help thousands of people feel better, (Mood Calmer; FearFighter; OC Fighter; RESTORE; SHADE).

Coverage is automatic for eligible employees and their eligible family members. The company currently pays the full cost of this Plan.

EHAP is described in this SPD. These tools help you find specific information quickly and easily.

A careful review of this SPD will help you understand how the Plan works so you can make the best use of it.

You may obtain additional information through the sources shown in the Information sources section.

Plan at a glance

Eligibility and enrollment  

You do not need to enroll — coverage begins for you and your eligible family members as soon as you meet the eligibility requirements regardless of enrollment in the ExxonMobil Medical Plan. See Eligibility and enrollment for more information.

How the Plan Works  

This Plan helps pay for family counseling, and counseling to help you with relationships and developmental or other personal issues. Outpatient counseling for you and your eligible family members are arranged and paid. You can call Magellan for a referral to an EHAP counselor.  See How the plan works for more information.

If you are not enrolled in other benefit coverage that provides mental health benefits, because of EHAP, you will have access to a limited amount of benefits even though you are not enrolled in that plan.

The Plan provides counseling and referral services for many types of personal problems, including mental health, chemical dependency and work/family issues. Services are arranged for and provided through Magellan. See Professional counselors.

Administrative and ERISA information  

This Plan is subject to rules of the federal government, including the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), not state insurance laws. You and your family members who lose eligibility may continue EHAP coverage for a limited time in certain circumstances. See Administrative and ERISA information.

Key terms

This is an alphabetized list of words and phrases, with their definitions, used in this SPD. These words are underlined and linked throughout the SPD for easy identification. See Key terms.