Payment of benefits

Payment of benefits for the ExxonMobil Retiree Medical HMO - Cigna OAPIN Plan

To whom payable

At the option of Cigna and with the consent of the Employer, all or any part of medical benefits may be paid directly to the person or institution on whose charge claim is based. Otherwise, medical benefits are payable to you.

If any person to whom benefits are payable is a minor or, in the opinion of Cigna, is not able to give a valid receipt for any payment due him, such payment will be made to his legal guardian. If no request for payment has been made by his legal guardian, Cigna may, at its option, make payment to the person or institution appearing to have assumed his custody and support.

If you die while any of these benefits remain unpaid, Cigna may choose to make direct payment to any of your following living relatives: spouse, mother, father, child or children, brothers or sisters; or to the executors or administrators of your estate.

Payment as described above will release Cigna from all liability to the extent of any payment made.

Time of payment

Benefits will be paid by Cigna when it receives due proof of loss.

Recovery of overpayment

When an overpayment has been made by Cigna, Cigna will have the right at any time to: (a) recover that overpayment from the person to whom or on whose behalf it was made; or (b) offset the amount of that overpayment from a future claim payment.