How the Plan works

Information on how the Employee Health Advisory Program (EHAP) works

Q. What are the aspects of the Plan?

A. The Plan provides counseling visits and referral services as described in this section. Up to eight counseling visits may be provided at no cost to you, as clinically appropriate. All counseling services are arranged by and provided through Magellan, the Care Manager for this Plan.

Private and confidential

EHAP professional counselors are located away from your workplace location, and Magellan does not reveal to the company the names of or reasons for individuals seeking EHAP assistance. Unless your supervisor identifies and discusses with you a situation where EHAP benefits would be beneficial, you tell others, or the law requires disclosure, no one at the company will know that you are using the program. In situations involving real or potential harm to individuals (for example, child abuse cases or direct threats of violence against a person), laws require that certain notifications be made. EHAP counselors will comply with these laws and disclose required information.

Professional counselors

Magellan makes available the counseling and referral services offered by EHAP through a network of contracted EHAP counselors. Counselors include trained psychologists, family and marriage counselors, social workers and therapists who specialize in resolving personal problems.

No charge for EHAP services

Many problems can be resolved in just a few visits with an experienced counselor. EHAP may provide you or your eligible family members with up to eight visits in a calendar year for each problem.

If you need more counseling visits than are provided under EHAP - or if you need services that are not provided by EHAP - the EHAP counselor will refer you to outside services which may be a covered service under your medical plan. If the EHAP counselor determines that more intense services are needed, you may be immediately referred to an appropriate mental health provider. The cost of the additional or outside services is not covered under EHAP but may be partly covered by your medical plan; refer to the summary of benefits and coverage (SBC) for your medical plan or contact Benefits Administration (see Information sources at the front of this SPD) for information.

After-care counseling services

The Plan also provides chemical dependency support, counseling and monitoring services for eligible employees who are actively at work following primary treatment for chemical dependency. Magellan determines the extent to which after-care counseling services are available to employees under this Plan.