Eligibility and enrollment

Eligibility and enrollment details for the Employee Health Advisory Program (EHAP)

Q. What are the Plan’s eligibility requirements?

A. Most U.S. dollar-paid employees of Exxon Mobil Corporation and participating affiliates are eligible for EHAP. See eligible employees in the Key terms section. Your eligible family members may also participate. Coverage is automatic; you do not enroll.

Generally, you are eligible if:

  • You are a regular employee.
  • You are an extended part-time employee.
  • You are characterized as a trainee as described in the Key Terms section.
  • You are an expatriate employee inbound to the United States (including service-oriented employees employed by non-U.S., non-participating employers who are temporarily working in the United States).

Eligible family members

Your eligible family members include:

  • Your spouse.
  • Your child(ren) under age 26. Coverage ends at the end of the month in which they reach age 26. If your situation involves a family member other than your biological or legally adopted child, call Benefits Administration.
  • Your totally and continuously disabled child(ren) who is incapable of self-sustaining employment by reason of mental or physical disability, that occurred prior to otherwise losing eligibility and meets the Internal Revenue Service's definition of a dependent.

A person who otherwise is not a spouse but who as a dependent of a former Mobil employee who participated in or received benefits under a Mobil-sponsored plan or program prior to March 1, 2000, is considered an eligible dependent as long as that person's eligibility for coverage as a dependent under a Mobil-sponsored plan would have continued.

Refer to Key terms for definitions of eligible family members, child, spouse and Qualified Medical Child Support Order.

When coverage begins

Generally, your coverage begins on your first day of employment. Family members are covered on the later of the date you begin employment or the date your family member meets the eligibility requirements.

When coverage ends

Coverage for you and/or your family members ends on the earliest of the following dates:

The last day of the month in which:

  • You terminate employment or are no longer classified as a regular employee of a participating employer. Your employment is deemed to continue for purposes of this Plan until the end of the period during which you are:
    • Absent due to a leave of absence approved by your employer or
    • Receiving short-term disability benefits under a disability income plan sponsored by the company.
    • The date your family member ceases to be eligible.
  • The date:
    • You (as a covered employee or family member) are no longer eligible for benefits under this Plan.
    • Your employer discontinues participation in the Plan.
    • Your family member begins active duty in the armed forces of any country, state or international organization, or becomes a member of any civilian force auxiliary to any military force.
    • The Plan is terminated.
    • A Qualified Medical Child Support Order is no longer in effect for a covered family member.
    • A family member under a Qualified Medical Child Support Order becomes eligible for benefits under another plan providing benefits similar to this Plan.

Extended coverage at termination

You are entitled to extended coverage for as much as a year if you are terminated due to disability with fewer than 15 years of service. This coverage is provided at no cost to you. This is considered a portion of the COBRA continuation period. In order to assure coverage beyond this extension period, you must elect COBRA upon termination of employment.

Several conditions must be met:

  • The disability must exist when your employment terminates.
  • The extension lasts only as long as the disability continues, but no longer than 12 months.

This extension applies only to the employee who is terminated because of a disability. Continuation coverage for eligible family members may be available through COBRA.