Accessing your money

Information about accessing your money in ExxonMobil Savings Plan Account

Q. How can I access money in my Savings Plan Account?

A. Although the Savings Plan is designed primarily to help build financial security for retirement, it also gives you some access to money while you are employed. There are several ways to access money from your Savings Plan Account. The following chart summarizes whether you can access your money through dividends, loans, withdrawals and distributions, depending on your employment status.

^Except for hardship withdrawals

*After you reach age 55 and complete 10 years of Savings Plan participation and you are employed on the last day of the calendar year that you meet these requirements. As long as you satisfy the eligibility requirements on the last day of the calendar year, you can make the diversification distribution election in the following year.

Note: For information on the tax consequences of these alternatives, see the section on Tax considerations.

If you were a participant in another savings plan and your account balance was transferred into the ExxonMobil Savings Plan, you may have additional access rights. See section on Information for Participants Who Worked for Mobil Corporation.

Savings EFT election

Electronic funds transfer (EFT) is available for most types of Savings Plan cash payments (excluding loans). If you elect Savings EFT for a particular transaction, payments will be deposited electronically to the account on record with the Savings Plan. For active employees, this is the same as the bank account used for payroll purposes.

Direct dividend payments

Any dividends paid on ExxonMobil stock held in your Savings Plan Account are reinvested automatically and credited in the form of additional shares of stock, unless you elect to receive direct dividend payment in cash.

You may elect to receive any whole percentage (from 1-100%) of your cash dividends in direct payment. The election you make applies to all shares of ExxonMobil stock in all accounts.

Your election to receive cash dividends becomes effective after your election is processed. The election in effect four business days prior to the dividend payment date will determine whether your dividends are paid to you in cash or reinvested in shares of ExxonMobil stock. You may change your direct dividend payment election as often as you wish.

You do not pay current taxes on dividends credited to your accounts in the form of stock. If you elect to receive dividends directly either from your Roth or non-Roth accounts, they will be taxed as ordinary income in the year you receive them. However, these dividends are not subject to the additional 10% tax on early distributions, explained in the section on Tax Considerations.