This site is designed to assist ExxonMobil employees, retirees, and their family members access information and services from a variety of internet resources specifically designed or tailored to deliver ExxonMobil Human Resources Services.

Most of the sites that this Internet site links to will require user identification and a password to enter. This information has been provided separately to eligible employees to share with their family members as appropriate. Additional information about accessing each of these sites is available to ExxonMobil employees on the ExxonMobil intranet site, ExxonMobil Me, through a company network-connected computer.

ExxonMobil Medical Plan ACA Reporting FAQs

Find more about IRS Form 1095 Reporting Requirement

Culture of Health

Find more about our Culture of Health Program.

EY Financial Planning Center®

The EY Financial Planner Line® at 1-866-XOM-1-FFP requires Employee ID